Series of digital illustrations inspired by the lyrics of some of my favorite songs. The hands aim to symbolize through simple gestures the messages these songs intend to convey.
"It warms our dying bones". | (Metallica - Now That We Are Dead)
"Power to the People!" | (John Lennon)
"Everybody knows the dice are loaded" | (Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows) 
"Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed" | (Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows)
"Burn". | (Metallica - Moth into Flame)
"There's more to the picture than meets the eye" | (Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My)
"Shine on you crazy diamond" | (Pink Floyd) 
"Once upon a planet burning once upon a flame" | (Metallica - Hardwired)
"There's a gap where we meet" | (Radiohead - Where I end and You Begin)
"It's better to burn out than to fade away" | (Neil Young - Hey hey My My)
"Flow like the river" | Shawn James - Flow)

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