About is a Colombian brand committed to provide people with natural, organic alternatives to everyday goods. Their products involve small local providers and avoid the use of chemical additives. It not only promotes mindful eating habits, but also encourages an overall healthy lifestyle through a close and personal look to the daily lives of the women behind the idea. The goal was to redesign the identity from the ground up and to create a labeling system for their two largest product lines. 
With this in mind, the brand system and visual identity were designed to embody a bold and playful statement of conscious living. About was chosen to remain as the name after shortening the original “About-tips”, given that more than 15,000 followers already had a close a relationship with it. Besides, the opportunity to emphasize the idea of a brand that has always been "all about people and their relationship with food and health", was a creative outlet perfectly aligned with the intentions of the company.
Brand foundations 
Concept & Logo
Type and color selection reinforce the notion of a playful, appealing, trustworthy and direct brand that speaks in a warm and relatable fashion. The graphic intervention subtly points to the core intention upon which the brand is built; an approachable guide that helps people to navigate their way into a wholesome lifestyle where informed decisions built sustainable habits for the mind, body and soul. Its dynamic spirit is translated into a versatile logo that adapts to a wide range of product categories and that performs great in different media and contexts.
Inspiration and resources
Visual Universe
Forms, patterns and ingredients from nature in its raw form compose the visual universe of the brand. Organic simple shapes and line-work illustrations blend through a gentle and versatile color scheme, adapting to different applications and media. The labeling system takes advantage of this wide scope of resources to classify and distinguish current and future product lines. 
Photo credits: Luis Felipe Fonseca
Product Photography
Design Team: Hugo Plazas - Felipe Fonseca

Recent Projects

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